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Desktop Icons Background Color Is Not Transparent

System: Win XP One of my clients received an email with an image embedded in it and was trying to save it to her desktop. ...

DCOM Event ID 10010

If you get a DCOM error in your event log, you can get rid of it easily by registering the offending object with DCOM: Open...

“an error occurred while copying” xp sp3 install error unires.dl_

I received this error when I was installing XP SP3 on a machine that was giving me trouble.  This particular machine had been updated...

e1.dll won’t stop starting – Malware – Spyware

Had a computer with alot of spyware and malware that I mostly cleaned up, but it wouldn't boot into Safe Mode and a single...

Postalsoft Desktop Mailer Rev3 update zip empty!

Downloaded the ZIP file to update the PostalSoft software to the latest release (REV 3) and even though the file appeared to be the...

Unable to apply Service Pack 2 for XP Pro

Computer wasn't taking the application of Service Pack 2 for Windows XP very well. After application and reboot, system's Network Connections disappeared and...
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