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Sorry, your comment has not been accepted error

This error is due to having your Cookie Privacy settings too high! In Internet Explorer, you can set the Privacy settings under Tools-->Internet Options-->Privacy tab. Either...

cupofcoffee wordpress template background image correction

If you install this template installed on a WordPress site, then you might notice the background header graphic is a little off.  You can correct...

Arras Theme add border to images

To add a small black border to your images when they're alone or captioned, place this code in your user.css: .wp-caption img {border: black 1px...

Arras Theme captioned images do not align center

Noticed that with Arras Theme, when you insert images (specifically with captions), the image gets aligned right. To fix this, open up the Arras Theme...

Hide Arras Theme header image on pages

I'm running the Arras Theme on a site and I wanted to display the 640x250 thumbnail image on each post/page, but hide it...

Change Admin Profile picture in WordPress [hosted version]

Sometimes in your theme or in another blog's theme you will see a little square for the profile picture (usually a "mystery man" icon:...

Add a favorite icon (favicon) to a WordPress blog

Alot of browsers support the use of images to represent your website or blog in places like the website tab or RSS Feed results. ...
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