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Why did I get a text message from 6967 about getmymr.com?

Is this text genuine or is it a scam or spam? It's legit. What is getmymr.com? It is the mobile install website for the Mobile Recovery feature run...

Verizon Blackberry: There is insufficient network coverage to process your request.

Sadly, this isn't the first time I've posted about this Verizon network issue... This morning you may have tried to access the Internet only to see: There...

LG VX9100 enV2 shuts off randomly or when texting

My gf has an LG enV2 and sometimes when she sends a text message the phone will shut off completely.  It also sometimes shuts...

First impression of Blackberry Tour

I like the BB Tour. No, scratch that...I love the BB Tour! My previous phone was the Verizon VX6700. What a piece. ...
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