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Cisco USB Console Driver Windows 7

Newer switches ship with a USB interface for the console, but getting it running can be tricky. Here is some useful info: Get the...

HP mini netbook USB ports not working

Quickly fix your unexpected USB device error by resetting the USB components. Steps: Open up the Device Manager. Uninstall all the USB related items (Host Controllers, Composite...

Wireless connection drops unexpectedly

Compaq(HP) C714nr Vista SP1  (now 2) Broadcom Wireless b/g   Working on a friend's laptop for a day now and she's been having two weird issues. 1. The computer...

PS/2 Keyboard error on startup

Computer had keyboard error on startup. Usually keyboard errors are caused by cluttered desks that have junk pressing on keys, or a dirty keyboard that...

In AMS, PDFs print with gibberish on HP Laserjet 1000

6/30/06 - The cause is incompatible printer drivers. AMS does not have the driver for this printer in their system for remote use....
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