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SonicWall CRITICAL : : Thumbprint database files are stale

How to Rebuild the Thumbprint database. Login to the Admin dashboard and goto the /diag.html page. Check the Thumbprint Info page. Look in the "Number of...

SonicWall SMTP Banner errors in Alert History

After having a configuration issue on my SonicWall server for a couple years, I had run up over 20,000 email alerts under the monitoring...

SonicWall – Not receiving email after upgrade to

I had updated the server to 7.2 on Monday December 28, 2009 around 4pm and the next day it had the issue listed above....

SonicWall email alert: INFO : FQDN : Outbound Safe Mode enabled

If you start receiving these INFO messages, then you either A) Have Outbound Safe Mode enabled (in which case expect to receive one email per...

Sonicwall Outbound Email – Sending bulk mail that won’t be caught...

Make sure you check your Zombie Protection Settings to make sure that the Email Accounts you're using to send outbound mail are listed in...

SonicWall Email Security – User Login Is Currently Disabled

Not entirely sure what caused this error in the first place, but I'm fairly sure that redoing LDAP settings for my domain controllers fixed...

Folder Exclusions for Trend Micro AV

Add directories for Sonicwall folder, Tomcat Foundation, Java to the excluded folders on the Trend Micro AV dashboard. Make sure that the exclusions are ENABLED...

Changes to SonicWall configuration

SonicWall customer service recommended the following: 1. Change DHA protection: instead of Put In Junk Box, it is now: Reject Invalid 2. Instead of listing the...

Error from Sonicwall server

SonicWALL Email Security Gateway not responding to SMTP test SonicWALL Email Security banner not found -Opened ticket with SonicWall: XXXXXXXX Anthony from SW called and had me...
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