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Paychex send/receive decryption issue

Gave error "Key Does Not Match" when trying to decrypt the XXXX file. Same for XXXY. Called Paychex, they will reset the encryption and regenerate the file...

Paychex Error: (TForm_TransRecv_GoClick)

Error: (TForm_TransRecv_GoClick) Access violation at address 028C3B16 in module 'EKeyPk_D9.bpl'. Read of address 7371A0D5 Dealt with Evelyn Carney at x3032. Deleted temp DBIsam lock file from XXXX...

Manual check won’t print in Paychex

Paychex giving error: "Payroll Check Loader Error: DBISAM Engine Error # 11010 Table or Backup file 'XXXXHis1' does not exist During: History Records"  Called...

Move Paychex to a network drive

Paychex should be on a network drive to take advantage of backup/restore protections (assuming you don't use desktop backup in your environment). Paychex tech support...

Paychex Internet File Transfer password not working

Contacted Paychex at 714-438-4000 and spoke to Chris Lee in tech support x3069. <<Tech Support Queue is x3055>> They reset the password and...

Paychex not working – Cannot find executable

Generic description, right? Program not working...cannot find executable 10/18/06 - Contacted Paychex at 714-438-4000 and tried to get in contact with our salesperson.  Wasn't successful, but...
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