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Outlook 2003 – Open Outlook 2007 user calendar not default calendar

Microsoft setup a great guide for opening shared calendars from the various versions of the Microsoft Office suite. Check it out here: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/912265 NOTE: I recently shared...

Outlook crashes on searches after Microsoft update

You just updated your computer with the latest Microsoft updates (Jan 11, 2011) and now when you search for an email in your Outlook...

MS Outlook 2007 crashing print jobs

A client today brought me an interesting issue where their print jobs were getting stuck in the queue when trying to print from Outlook...

Microsoft Office Outlook 2007 Cannot Move the items.

Microsoft Outlook Error: Cannot move the items.  The item cannot be moved.  It was either already moved or deleted, or access was denied. This error appears...

Office 2007 – Sometimes displays “A dialog box is open” notification…doesn’t...

Client having problems accessing emails with Outlook 2007. Cant reply or forward. Some emails they couldn't even open. 8/18/08 - Sometimes displays "A dialog box...
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