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View Shared Outlook calendars on iPhone iOS

The setup: Exchange Online user. Has a secondary shared calendar in their account which is shared with other team members with access to put items on it. The...

Microsoft Outlook 2016 Office 365 hang on processing

Over 400 people found this tip helpful... Close Outlook, Right-Click on Outlook icon. Select "New Email Message". Keep it open. Right-Click on Outlook icon. Select "Outlook...

Exchange Online Office 2016 Resource Room Calendar Powershell commands

This is a reference article for tweaking Exchange Online Resources (Meeting Rooms, Equipment, etc). How to show Organizer Name and Subject meeting details on a...

Setup new Office 365 mailbox user Active Directory DirSync without Exchange...

Before Server 2008R2, it used to be a pain to edit exchange mail attributes for users without using an exchange server in your environment....

Office 365 Outlook 2016 hangs on Loading Profile

After an upgrade from an older version of outlook the first time Outlook 2016 was run it was hanging on "Loading Profile", prompts for...
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