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Quick Start guide for Nortel Norstar NAM Applications Module

Check it out here: http://www.jandjcommunications.com/Quick_Reference_Guides/startalk/Norstar_Applications_Module.pdf   Useful info like how to shut down the Phone system gracefully, NAM Compatibility table, etc

Conference call 3-way on Nortel Phone System

How to Conference Call on Nortel Phone System Make or answer the first call Place first call on hold Make or answer the second call Press 3, or...

Remove phone set from Paging Zone: Nortel

An overhead paging system can be really annoying sometimes.  If you want to turn off the paging feature on your Nortel phone, simply enter Programming,...

Nortel phone system changing the display time and date

System: MICS 4.1.1 with NVM 8 1. Press FEATURE 2. Press **8463 3. Press 23646

Nortel phone set relocation

System: MICS 4.1.1 with NVM 8 If you want to relocate your telephone without having to reprogram anything then you need to activate Set Relocation...

Nortel MICS System Time Incorrect or Slow

Problem:  Every couple months, the system time displayed on the phones will be slow by a couple minutes.  As you can imagine, this can...

Nortel MICS 4.1.1 with NVM 8 – Person cannot get transferred...

If you transfer a voicemail to a mailbox and they don't arrive, then that person might not have synchronicity between their Extension number and...

Nortel phone set red lights flashing

Red lights were flashing, headset light was on...etc. Reset the phone (unplug and plug back in) and it's working fine now.  Probably bad cable from...

Nortel Norstar MICS 4.1.1 with NVM 8 – Access your voicemail...

If you're at home or on an outside phone line you may want to access your voicemails remotely.  Here is how you do it...

Nortel Norstar MICS 4.1.1 with NVM 8 – Voicemail isn’t picking...

System: MICS 4.1.1 with NVM 8 Simple fix. Go into the configuration setup for that phone set and configure the FWD NO ANSWER option to 290(Voicemail). ...
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