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Start Internet Explorer 9 in Safe Mode without addons

You've started your PC in Safe Mode before, now start your Internet Explorer 9 browser in Safe Mode. Here is how you do it: Hit the...

Open Internet Explorer fullscreen – easy fix

There are other ways of doing this...but this way is a quick solution that will get the job done.   Goto Start-->Programs-->Internet Explorer and right-click the...

Internet Explorer crashes when I login to Jet Blue website

The quickest way to solve new crashing problems with Internet Explorer is to reset it to defaults. Here is how you do that: Exit out of...

Requested lookup key was not found

the requested lookup key was not found in any active activation context If you receive this error after "Repairing" a Windows XP installation, then...

Internet Explorer safe mode

Sometimes an Internet Explorer add-on will cause the entire thing to mess up and refuse to open. You can see if this is the problem...

Deleting and clearing SOME Internet Explorer address bar entries

Someone asked me about this and my first thought was "Sneaky sneaky!  You probably want to hide your gambling links from your wife!" which is...
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