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MBM 307A Paper Folder separation issue

Sometimes when a jam is cleared, you need to pull up the top feeder rollers. They have a spring on one end which you...

Send/Receive Error in Outlook for Sharepoint Lists folder

Email:  Outlook 2007 Sharepoint: MOSS 2007 If you get an error relating to your Sharepoint Lists (My Site - Personal Documents) and it says something about HTTP...

Pitney Bowes FD40 Folder jamming error: Limit Switch FP2 (FD-40)

Pitney Bowes FD-40 FD40 Cleared jam from folder, then tried running job again. Flyers with lots of ink on them will be slippery and will jam...

Pitney Bowes FD40 (FD-40) Folder settings not there

The Letter Folder (Pitney Bowes FD40 FD-40) used to have presets which have been wiped out somehow. Also, it jams when running jobs,...

OWA issue: View Only, cannot Reply, open attachments or delete messages

VIEW ONLY in OWA.  Cannot reply, cannot open attachments, cannot delete messages. Outlook Web Access on Windows Server 2003 Standard, Exchange Server 2003 Standard While playing with...
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