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Block meta refresh redirects in FireFox 56+

Recent versions of Firefox removed the checkbox from the main user interface which allowed users to tell FF to warn them when a webpage...

Firefox doesn’t have HP Client Security Manager plugin Windows 7

In Windows 7 with HP Client Security program installed you will get a popup from the system tray from time to time advising you...

Expose 4 Flash Photo Gallery FireFox Issue

The Joomla! component Expose 4.6.3 has problems with FireFox 3.0.17 The hyperlinked images can't be clicked on directly.  You have to right click and then...

Deleting and clearing SOME Internet Explorer address bar entries

Someone asked me about this and my first thought was "Sneaky sneaky!  You probably want to hide your gambling links from your wife!" which is...

Outlook Web Access (OWA) blank graphics, no reply or forward, Firefox,...

When accessing OWA (Outlook Web Access) through either Mozilla Firefox or Internet Explorer, sometimes the graphics will not display, and even though you can...
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