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Facebook encryption targeted by U.S. Govt

The U.S. government is seeking to compel Facebook to wiretap their Messenger users voice calls, which are secured using end-to-end encryption to ensure privacy....

Converging apps – Facebook planning integration of messaging for WhatsApp, Instagram...

The NYT first broke the story about how Facebook plans to tie messaging ecosystems of its three services together in a move the company...

Post photos to your facebook through email

I've had alot of people asking me about this feature.  They are mostly Blackberry users who don't want to mess with the laggy FB...

net_rim_bb_facebook_lib(120) is not responding

uncaught exception application net_rim_bb_facebook_lib(120) is not responding; process terminated I get this error when I execute "mark prior opened" on my blackberry messages.  I think...

Post a Facebook video on your website

Simple code to embed a video you have on your Facebook account (or anyone else's Facebook account), provided that the privacy settings allow access.    <object...

Invite ALL Facebook friends to a group, event or page

Here's a winner of a Facebook hack.  To invite ALL of your friends to a Group, Event or Page: Click on Invite or Suggest or whatever. ...

Facebook RSS Feeds for Groups

As part of a project for this group I was trying to get their Facebook Group RSS feeds on their website. It seems like Facebook...

Cannot block School of Wizardry on Facebook

If you try the option "Block this application" on Facebook for the School of Wizardry, you may get an error screen: Oops Something went wrong. We're...

How to Unhide iPHONE posts on Facebook

Facebook makes it easy to hide posts from people on your NEWS FEED page.  If you goto hide someone's posts and accidentally hide an Application,...

Recovering Deleted Facebook Emails

  UPDATE  9/2009 :  This no longer works.  If I were you I would enable Facebook to email you whenever you receive a message or...
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