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How to find zombie orphan broken links in an Excel document

Had a bear of a time finding a bad link to an external file inside an Excel document. As is usually the case, this...

You receive “Can’t update. Database or object is read-only” error message...

It isn't clear why this error happened. I blame a MS update. What started happening is I would get that error when exporting Select Query...

Adding 1000’s of friends on myspace

This entry deals with two things: 1. Sending Add requests to a big (1,000+) list of emails and 2. Storing the links to those people's myspace pages in a database.

Extract a Hyperlink from a Cell in an Excel Spreadsheet

Sometimes you might copy a group of links from the internet and want to get the underlying URL to save in a database or...

Where are my MAS 90 Excel exported files?

MAS90HOMEtextout (I'm working with an older version, so the path to your textout may vary)
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