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Blackberry sues Ryan Seacrest’s iPhone accessory company

Blackberry alleges the Typo Products, LLC "iPhone keyboard case" violates two of its patents. What happened? A new startup iPhone accessory company named Typo Products, LLC created...

Cleaning the Blackberry trackball

So, your trackball is sticking and you want to clean it, but...you have one of those blackberrys (Tour or such) which does not have...

How to setup Blackberry Protect Application

Protect your Blackberry against theft and accidental loss by installing this new FREE Application: Blackberry Protect With Blackberry Protect, you can: Automatically, wirelessly back up your...

Dial letters with Blackberry

Let's suppose you want to call 1-800-4MYTAXI. Some people don't know that you can dial letters with your blackberry and don't need to know the...

Blackberry Playbook preview

First I have to admit that lately my eyes have been wandering...over to my friend's iPhone, then to his iPad.  Don't get me wrong,...

Blackberry Silencer – Mute the Shutter sound on the camera

Here's a FREE app that takes pictures silently. Blackberrys, like most phones these days, have an audible shutter "click" sound when you use the camera...

Congestion message placing phone call on AT&T Blackberry Bold phone

My coworker has a Blackberry Bold phone on the AT&T network and one day it started saying "Congestion" when he tried to place a...

Blackberry device receiving old messages as if they were new

I keep receiving old messages that I deleted on my Blackberry Tour as NEW messages.  This has happened twice since December 22, 2009. I think...

Blue Ant z9i pairing instructions

I had to pair a Blue Ant z9i to my Blackberry Tour and after turning on Bluetooth and clicking on Search on the BB...

Blackberry Wireless Sync how-to

These steps are for when the device is available to connect with a cable.  It's more reliable than a strictly wireless setup. Steps: 1. Connect the...
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