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AMS360 – It is impossible to work with this document

System: Win XP Pro SP3 Office 2007 Standard AMS 360 Message It is impossible to work with this document, because it is password protected. Someone must unprotect it...

AMS – Trouble printing memos through Agent Zone

Two problems were identified: 1) Connecting to the Citrix client, my client was being prompted to download the launch file which then connected to the...

AMS won’t print a MS Word document

Printer tested fine, just won't print one .doc from AMS. 1/4/07 - AMS print queue backed up. Took off "Background printing" and closed and...

Mercury Insurance “Agent Zone” PDF won’t open – corrupted

After login to Agent Zone, the user cannot open a PDF document. Turned out they had Acrobat Viewer 5.1 and after an upgrade to 7.1...

Mercury Insurance website forms printing out justified

This issue is related to a previous issue with a LaserJet 1000 printer that couldn't print from AMS.  The problem with AMS was solved...

In AMS, PDFs print with gibberish on HP Laserjet 1000

6/30/06 - The cause is incompatible printer drivers. AMS does not have the driver for this printer in their system for remote use....
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