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:Reviews Summary Disclaimer
The opinions expressed in any Reviews I quote, summarize, refer or otherwise incorporate into my Posts belong to the Reviewers alone, and while I will make some effort to reference where I found the most significant reviews, I won’t be citing them all individually as that would take an enormous amount of time and resources and due to the nature of the internet (through takedowns, author edits, difficulty citing page numbers for specific reviews) it’s just not practical for me to try to keep up with such things. I’m simply going to read about the product and review the reviews for the most relevant information in my opinion. How much you decide for yourself to trust my opinion will determine the amount of value you derive from these Summaries. It goes without saying that I reserve the right to change my opinion, the form and substance of the Summary, etc etc etc without any sort of notice whatsoever. I also will takedown content upon request of any copyright owner or even upon just a reasonable request. I do my very best to comply with all applicable laws while simultaneously caring about people’s feelings and company’s reputations. You can reach me on LinkedIn.