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The world is digital. We are all consumers of technology now and with its use comes a natural curiosity to learn more about each new piece of tech and a need to stay on top of trends which are transforming and disrupting our jobs and society. Since 1999, the operator of this site has been engaged in educating the public about existing and upcoming technology. Since then, thousands of hours of research and experimentation have yielded hundreds of technical solutions and white-paper write-ups resulting in over half a million page views and thousands of comments from thankful users of all skill levels. 2017 brought a decision to monetize the platform and elevate the site from personal tech blog to a more focused mixed-media tech news site. 

It is our humble goal to be our readers’ first choice for quality, concise and unbiased tech news for the sectors we cover.

All original content reflects only the views and opinions of the operator of this site. Full disclaimer here. All content copyright mitchellenright.com (unless otherwise indicated) and may be used only with permission. Due to the size of this site, it’s possible content originally used without license for non-commercial purposes has subsequently been automatically monetized. If you are the proper copyright holder, please contact us for immediate takedown of your content.

This site is monetized using a variety of means including contextual ads, commission referrals, affiliate links, display ads, guest articles, in-kind contributions, widgets, e-commerce and site subscriptions. Display ads, guest articles and some widgets may contain content not reviewed by MitchellEnright.com. Unless otherwise indicated, products or services mentioned on posts or pages reflect our actual experience and every attempt has been made to be fair and balanced when reporting on the merits and shortcomings of those products or services. Recognizing that this website lacks the resources necessary to review every product or service in a particular market, our readers are strongly encouraged to do their own research before purchasing anything mentioned on this site or on any affiliate sites.

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MitchellEnright.com is a technology news distributor. Sourcing from multiple top news sites, tech content is processed and output to easy-to-consume mixed-media reporting which consumers of any technical skill level can appreciate. 

We also post How-To articles, guide advanced users through esoteric fixes for specific technical issues, make predictions about the future of the tech industry and generally just have fun exploring the geeky side of life.

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