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Dell EMC VNXe1600 How to turn on SSH using IPMItool


So. SSH is disabled and you cannot enable it from Unisphere. Your only option is to connect using IPMItool with an ethernet cable to the management port on the SAN. Easy enough, right?

  1.  ‘install’ IPMItool. Download from Dell’s website and install it. It will create a directory IMPItool on your C: drive.
  2.  Connect your computer to the management port on either Storage Processor. The management port has a wrench symbol next to it.
  3.  Set your local network adapter to the same network as the SAN storage processors:
  4.  Open Command Prompt and cd over to the IPMItool directory. At this point you will need your SAN serial number. It will either be on a plastic pull-out tag on the front of the drive enclosure or a plastic tab secured to the rear.
  5.  Use this command to connect to the SAN:
    “ipmitool.exe -I lanplus -C 3 console -P <yourSANserial#> -H sol activate”
    This will attempt to connect to Storage Processor A (SPA). If that doesn’t work you can try the IP for SPB, which is
    FYI: lanplus signifies a secure connection. console is the unchanging username for IPMI connections. sol is serial-over-lan.
  6.  If it connected that’s good. You can see the status of SSH using this command in IPMI: “svc_diag”
    To switch storage processors, use command “ssh peer” and run svc_diag again.
  7. To enable SSH, run this command: “svc_ssh -e”
  8. Run svc_diag on those SPs to see if it’s enabled. I think it will only enable on the Primary SP.
  9. Done. Exit out and try connecting again using your preferred SSH client.

Reference: IPMI Tool Technical Note (dell.com)

VNXe Service Commands Technical Notes | Manualzz
(for experienced users only)


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