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Enable Exchange Archive for user synchronized with on-premises directory


Say you have a user exceed their mailbox limit (50GB or 100GB depending on licensing) and you decide to drop in an Archive to increase their space. If you started your journey with 365 Exchange Online in a hybrid setup then you’ll probably get errors when you try to Enable the Archive via the usual methods (web admin or powershell).

This page explains what’s going on in more detail: Archive mailbox can’t be provisioned or deprovisioned after a mailbox is migrated to Office 365 Dedicated/ITAR vNext – Office 365 | Microsoft Docs

If you download the Enable-remotearchive.ps1 PowerShell script, you can run it locally to modify the user attributes that are syncing in order to allow the use of the Archive.

  • Download and save the ps1 file
  • Open PowerShell on your domain controller. NOTE: Other systems can be used but this is easiest because you’ll need the ActiveDirectory module installed and it’s already on your sync DC…
  • Run Enter-PSSession <DCservername> to connect to the server
  • Run & “C:\Program Files (x86)WindowsPowerShell\Scripts\Enable-remotearchive.ps1” -Identity “contosousername”
  • Wait for AAD connect to sync changes. Check the user mailbox in Exchange Online

To deprovision an archive, use the other script.

For more info on installing the ActiveDirectory module for different Operating Systems see this article: How to install the PowerShell Active Directory module | 4sysops


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