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Breach: Apple Computer internal network


Australian Federal Police (AFP) raided the home of a 16-year-old boy in the southern city of Melbourne after a referral from the FBI implicated the lad in a break-in to Apple’s network.

According to court documents, the boy stands accused of downloading 90GB of secure file data and accessing customer accounts, though Apple has said that no customer data was compromised. Statements by his lawyer indicate he poked around in the computer giant’s files for almost a year before being brought to heel. The raid recovered two laptops, a mobile phone and a hard drive matching one or more devices used in the intrusion. The youth stored the stolen data in a folder on his computer he called “hacky hack hack”.

It’s notable that Apple did not publicly disclose the breach to its customers or shareholders, and only commented after the story broke in Australia. This tells us that the intrusion was very limited in scope with regards to individual customer data. As for the nature of the 90GB hacky hack hacked, Apple won’t say, but if Apple rumor sites suddenly start getting much better at predicting upcoming tech then we will know why! The juvenile hacker is slated for sentencing Sept. 20.

Original reporting from: Reuters news
More reading at: The Guardian news


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