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Can I charge the iPhone8 or iPhoneX with a case on?


For the most part, YES, but just make sure you avoid some common mistakes which cost time and money.

Tip #1: Check the reviews
Or, buy a case from Apple, (even better if you can test it out in an Apple store before you buy). But if you must have that fancy bespoke case you saw on Instagram then either confirm with the manufacturer or read the reviews to see if it’s a good gamble. Most people are reporting good results with cases 3mm or less in thickness.

Tip #2: Stay away from metal
The Qi wireless charging technology utilizes magnetic induction between a transmitter (your Qi charger) and a receiver (your phone). Metal interferes with that connection, so try not to pick a metal-based case if you want it to work.

Tip #3: Leave the cards in your wallet (not in Credit Card phone cases)
As we move to more chip-based transactions, the significance of a credit card becoming demagnetized is going down accordingly, but for now you need to be considerate of that little magnetic stripe. Folio cases where the cards are held at the front of the phone are reported to have less problems than the types that hold them at the back of the phone, but risk may increase if you use a charger that creates a larger magnetic field (as some off-brands are reported to do). Apple recommends against storing anything between the phone back and the wireless charger, so if you choose to throw caution to the wind you might want to make sure you always have some cash on hand just in case.

Tip #4: Pick the right car mount
Look for a mount that grips the phone (case or no case) from the sides and doesn’t require you to attach anything to the back of the case or phone. Some car mounts also have Qi charging pads built-in!

Tip #5: Waterproof cases are probably OK
The iPhone 8/X has its own water resistance*, but it has limits. Besides a freak failure the first time it is submerged, the phone’s protection can also break down over time (or with drops), or one meter may simply not be good enough for your needs. Or perhaps the type of water you’re around most is salt water, which can quickly damage any phone regardless of resistance ratings. However you justify it, you might decide to add a waterproof case. Naturally you don’t want to sacrifice your wireless charging capability in the process, so you need to choose carefully. The brand I’m most familiar with is LifeProof. It would be unreasonable to expect LifeProof to test their cases with all third-party products on the market, so be aware of that when shopping. The good news is they report that their FRĒ and NUUD cases are compatible with all Apple approved/recommended wireless chargers (currently just two of them). Check out this sweet looking orange and tree pattern case using my Amazon commission link: Lifeproof FRĒ Waterproof Case for iPhone in BLAZE ORANGE

Tip #6: Buy the right wireless charging pad
Qi Certified, Qi Certified, Qi Certified. What kind of certified again? Qi
The market has been flooded for years with Qi compatible (Qi compliant, Qi approved, Works with Qi, Compatible with the Qi Standard, etc) chargers, but any money savings you realize buying a knockoff comes with risks to safety and reliability. The magnetic fields created by wireless chargers can cause damage to mobile phones, electronic passports, public transport cards, etc. To maximize compatibility and safety you should stick to the registered and approved products listed by the Wireless Power Consortium (WPC) on their website here: https://www.wirelesspowerconsortium.com/products/search/

Curious which chargers Apple endorses? They currently (12/2017) have two listed on their website, one by Mophie and one by Belkin. Both are new products and not currently Qi certified, but Mophie and Belkin both have Qi-based products which are certified by the WPC.
I can’t recommend one over the other because your experience will vary depending on decisions like which case you use (maybe none at all!) but the Mophie has better reviews on Apple’s website. Check them out for yourself using my Amazon commission links:

Mophie wireless charging base ($60)
Belkin Boost Up wireless charging pad ($60)


*The iPhone 8/X has a splash-water-dust-resistance rating of IP67. This “Ingress Protection” rating is two-in-one. The “6” in the iPhone’s rating refers to dust protection and is the highest rating for that type of threat. The “7” refers to the phone’s ability to withstand immersion in up to 1 meter (3.3 feet) of water for up to 30 minutes. It’s the second highest possible rating for water resistance. That’s not to say that phones with IP68 are that much better. The newest Samsung phones are rated IP68 and are only guaranteed to stay sealed at 1.5 meters (a little less than 5 feet). Please note, the IP rating is for fresh water only. Salt water is very corrosive and will kill your device if exposed enough times or in sufficient quantity.


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