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HP LaserJet Pro m102w yellow exclamation point Troubleshooting error


Try this solution to install your finicky HP LaserJet Pro m102w printer.

This solution comes from the Whirlpool forums over in Australia. Good on ya guys. Reprinted here in my own words for your convenience:

System: Win 7 x64 desktop
Description of the problem:
Printer software installs correctly, but the Devices and Printers lists the newly installed device with a Yellow ! (exclamation mark) and the printer is unusable.

The fix:

  • Install the latest driver software from HP’s website. Get the printer to the point where you see the !Mark in Devices and Printers.
  • Open up Device Manager -> Go to Universal Serial Bus Controllers and expand the list. Look for “Null Print – Hp Laserjet M101 – M106”
  • Right Click -> Update Driver (Browse My Computer, Let me Pick –> Have Disk)
    Navigate to %temp location%\%HP Driver Folder%\XPV
  • Example: C:\Users\administrator\AppData\Local\Temp\7zS6BE0\XPV
  • Click OK
  • From the driver list select `HP Laserjet M101 – M106 PCLm.s
  • Next…..

Install the driver and then check it in Devices and Printers. Run a Test Page.


  1. I have been tearing my hair out all morning to try to get this printer working on a Windows7 machine. This worked!!!! Thank-you so much


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