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Word opening Compatibility Mode for all documents even NEW


Try this first:

Convert your “Normal” template to the current office version

The Normal.dotm template is stored in a hidden folder. The simplest way to open it is this way:

  • Open a blank document and Press Alt+F11 (opens the macro editor)
  • Press Ctrl+G to open the Immediate window at the bottom of the editor
  • Type this into the Immediate window and press Enter:


  • You should see the normal.dotm file open up in its own window. Go ahead and close the macro editor window and switch to the normal.dotm window. Check the Title Bar. If it says [Compatibility Mode], go to File > Info and click the Convert button. Then save and close the template. This fixes Compatibility Mode issues with new documents.

    If older documents still show [Compatibility Mode] and you are planning to use new features in those files then you can use File>Info and Convert those as well. In most cases you will not need to Convert them.


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