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Office 365 Outlook 2016 hangs on Loading Profile


After an upgrade from an older version of outlook the first time Outlook 2016 was run it was hanging on “Loading Profile”, prompts for a password for the email account but you can’t type one in because the cursor keeps spinning.

The solution for me was to run Outlook 2016 as Administrator the first time, then after you get your profile setup it loads correctly under the current user thereafter.

Many others have reported this issue with Outlook 2016 and their solutions varied. So, if the above does not work for you then try some of these other solutions:

  • One person had a bad shortcut. Somehow their Outlook shortcut had been configured to run in Compatibility mode. Opening properties on the shortcut and unticking the box for running in compatibility mode fixed it for them
  • Someone with Windows 10 was able to right-click the link for Outlook and “Troubleshoot compatibility”. They said it was able to open after that.
  • One person cut off internet during the first Outlook startup and that worked (Outlook was reaching out for configuration settings but not finding them causing a loop state)
  • Another person was able to get it working after uninstalling .net framework. .Net can cause all kinds of weird program behavior so this isn’t surprising. But it’s also needed to run a lot of programs so..yea.. No word on whether they were able to add .net back on after running Outlook successfully.
  • Running Oulook in Safe Mode may work as a temporary solution.
  • Yet another solution proposed was turning off the Windows AERO theme.
  • Another solution was to disable Hardware Acceleration
  • You could try renaming the .OST file (if upgrading from older version, meaning you already had an ost present)
  • Recreating the Mail profile is usually a last ditch thing, but you could try that as well if it will let you…sometimes the dll hangs.


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