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iFrames for websites


Here is some code for iFrames which I have used before to give the page I’m bringing in a seamless look.
If you have better code, please leave it below!

<script type="javascript">
 function jumpScroll() {
 window.scroll(0,0); // horizontal and vertical scroll targets
 <iframe id="iframeName" style="border-top: 0px
 solid; border-right: 0px solid; border-bottom: 0px solid; margin: 0px;
 border-left: 0px solid" height="900"
 src="https://www.example.com/samplepagetobringin.asp" frameborder="0" width="100%"
 name="iframeName" seamless="seamless">Your browser is not supported. Please
 use another browser.
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