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Error 12, Program: SWCOCX, Line: 130


“Error 12, Program: SWCOCX, Line: 130
A DLL is either corrupt, not properly registered, or incorrect version.
Please contact your System Administrator..”

SWCOCXIn Windows 7 64-bit, this error can be overcome by registering the MASCR.DLL. Simply registering the DLL may work in your case, but the recommended course of action is to give the user local admin rights, run Workstation Setup again and then register the DLL.

Keep in mind that to do a Workstation setup for installs using mapped network drives you will need your install CD. See this link for help with Workstation Setup.

In order to register the DLL you will need to open up a Command Prompt window AS an Administrator. In Windows 7 this means going to START, type cmd.exe and then right-click the cmd.exe program when it appears at the top of the window. Select Run as administrator and then enter your admin username and password or press Okay if your user account is already a local admin.
Run this command:

regsvr32 X:\MAS90\HOME\MASCR.DLL
(where X is the path to the drive)

Windows will tell you if the registration of the dll succeeded or not.


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