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Enable Num Lock on startup Windows 7 Pro


numlockThere are the two places you must update the Num Lock key default setting: BIOS and Windows registry.

  1. BIOS – When your computer starts from the off position, the first thing it does is it loads the Basic hardware/software configuration for your PC. The configuration info is kept in the BIOS, and to get to it you need to hit the proper key upon startup. While that key varies computer to computer, on an HP it is usually the F10 key. Once in the BIOS, you need to poke around to find the option for the Num Lock startup value and change it so that it is ON by default.
  2. Windows Registry – Goto Start, then enter “regedit” and click Enter. After a prompt verifying you wish to open this program (click YES) you should see the Registry Editor open up. Navigate to HKEY_USERS–>.DEFAULT–>Control Panel–>Keyboard.
    Under the InitialKeyboardIndicators key, double-click to open the key and take note of the value. Some people see nothing, some see “2147483648”
    Try changing the key value to “2” first, then reboot your PC and see if it saves your Num Lock ON selection. If not then open up that key again and change it to “2147483650” and see if that one works.

There are other fixes you can try but I have no experience with them so you’re on your own to Google them.


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