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Amazon Prime price hike





Been thinking about going Prime? Well, now is the time to do it. Save $20 if you sign up before next thursday.

What’s happening exactly?

Amazon is raising the cost of their Prime subscription. It will rise from $79 to $99 annually. This is the first price hike since the service started in 2005 and represents  about a 25% increase.

What’s Prime?

Prime is an Amazon membership program that allows you to get 2-day shipping, video streaming and e-book lending among other things. Check it out here.

I have Prime, but I think I’m gonna cancel. $20 is $20 man!

Rumor has it Amazon is getting ready to roll out a music streaming service soon similar to Apple iTunes Radio which will likely be included in your Prime subscription. You like music, right? And there is also talk of a set-top box for your TV similar to a Roku or AppleTV.

I’m a Student. Is there a discount for Students?

Why yes there is. You can save 50% off the cost of a Prime membership. Check http://www.amazon.com/gp/student/signup/info for more details.



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