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iisstate not downloading symbols


A quick fix for iisstate empty symbols directory and no log file output

Something to try:

I was checking out a w3wp.exe process via iisstate (on Server 2003 SP2) using this command: “iisstate – p 1000 -d -hc -sc” and the darn program wasn’t generating any log files in the \output directory. I also noticed that the \symbols folder also had nothing in it despite the Readme at iisfaq.com saying that it would download the symbols it needed as it loaded dlls.

The fix for me was to attach to a process and run the dump only, that is: “iisstate -p 1000 -d
 Then I got a popup asking me to agree to a Terms of Use for the MS Symbols Store.

Note: I realize this isn’t the fix for everyone, but if  no symbols are downloading then it just may be the fix for you. One other common cause of missing symbols is when you don’t have access to Port 80 to connect to the symbols server.

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