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Brother DSmobile 600 scanner black lines blank spaces


Brother DSmobile 600 scanner black linesYou must calibrate your scanner before use.

When addressing scanner image quality issues like black lines and blank spaces, you need to first calibrate the scanner. If that doesn’t fix the problem, then you need to clean the scanner (and then recalibrate).

Please refer to your manual for assistance.

If calibrating your DSmobile600 scanner did not produce a quality scan,  you may need to clean your scanner, refer to “How  do I perform the cleaning procedure?” .

If you still see the image quality problems like black lines after cleaning and calibration, the scanner may be defective and in need of repair / replacement.

The machine has a one year limited-exchange warranty.
If the  machine requires service, call Brother Customer Service at 1-877-276-8437 Monday  through Friday, excluding holidays.

How do I calibrate my scanner?

Proper calibration is important because it ensures your scan image is “balanced” for your computer / scanner hardware combination.  The black lines and blank spaces you sometimes see on scans usually happens when the calibration becomes unbalanced or the scanner is dirty. Also, if you change computers or change scanners, you will need to recalibrate your setup again if you want to make sure your scan is optimal. If you still notice quality issues, then you need to clean the scanner and then calibrate it again.

NOTE: Calibration can be performed using any TWAIN compliant application.  Brother’s bundled program, the DSmobileScan II software is able to calibrate the scanner. If you do not have the program installed, simply download it from their website or install from the setup CD.

  1. Once you have the scanner plugged in and recognized by the computer, go ahead and press the black button on top and select DSmobileScan II from the list of applications.
  2. Click on CUSTOM
  3. Press Calibration button and then insert your calibration sheet into the scanner.
  4. Continue to insert the calibration sheet until it stops or the scanner feeds in the top edge of the sheet.
  5. Press Calibrate (The calibration sheet should start moving back and forth in the scanner)
  6. The calibration sheet will finally be moved back to the insertion slot.
  7. Press OK button when finished


  • The special black / white glossy calibration sheet that came with your scanner is recommended to obtain a perfect calibration.
  • The calibration sheet for the DS700D is double sided.
  • The two sides of the calibration sheet for the DS600 and DS610 scanners are different and the proper orientation is important.

Refer to Brother’s website for more information. Click here to see similar instructions for calibration along with images.


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