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How To: Print Email from Microsoft Outlook without your name at the top


Outlook 2007Quick Fix:

  • Install the Adobe Blank OpenType Font
    Go here and download the font. Copy the font file into your Fonts folder on your computer
  • Open up Outlook and set it to use that Font when printing Emails
    File–>Page Setup–>Memo Style, Under the Fonts/Title box, select the Adobe Blank font and click OK
  • Print the email
    If you are also printing Attachments, be aware that Attachments print to the Default printer, so set the Default before opening Outlook.
    (There are also plugins you could use which have, among other features, the ability to allow you to print to any printer)

TIP: If printing to PDF and you need additional anonymity, make sure you open up the PDF and delete any metadata and hidden text (the technical product of printing using the Adobe Blank font) and save the PDF again.


For additional reading: http://www.slipstick.com/problems/how-do-i-remove-my-name-when-i-print-email/

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