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[solved]MAC computer master browser issue


mac-os-x-snow-leopardSo the other night I was having a tough time finding a computer that was vying for Master Browser on my network. It was driving me nuts because the computer’s name wasn’t on my network at all! But..I could ping it and it had an IP and everything.

That’s when I remembered setting up a network share on the one iMac we had in the building.

OK! So now how do I get it to stop broadcasting?

That was a little tougher, but I had some help from Google.

For MAC OS X 10.6.8 and a Windows Server 2003 / XP environment:

  1. On the MAC, open up the Terminal application from Utilities group
  2. Type in “sudo nano /etc/smb.conf” and hit ENTER
  3. Check out the [global] section and look for a line that has the words “os level” in it.
    Change, or add, the following:

    os level = 0
    lm announce = False
    preferred master = False
    local master = No
    domain master = False

  4. WriteOut to save the changes and then Exit the document.
  5. Restart the Mac

According to my sources, this will only prevent the Mac from broadcasting, not browsing.


Oh, and in case you were wondering..my smb file had this in it originally:
os level = 3
domain master = No


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