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Cleaning the Blackberry trackball


So, your trackball is sticking and you want to clean it, but…you have one of those blackberrys (Tour or such) which does not have a removable trackball.  What to do?

Well, there is a simple trick you can use to clean the trackball without tearing the phone apart, but BEWARE: this trick DID NOT WORK for me.

But Mitch, I insist on doing this. 

Well, ok fine. Here it is:

  1. Tear apart a piece of paper into tiny thin strips less than 1/3 the diameter of the trackball (no I don’t know what that is, but if you look at my photos you can probably figure it out)
  2. Put one end under the trackball and then run the trackball so that it catches that end.
  3. Once fed through halfway you can run the trackball and the paper from different angles until the ball and insides are clean

Again, this did not work for me. It made matters worse so I used my insurance to get a new phone.

Maybe there are better ways to clean these phones now? I dunno and I’m not wasting time Googling, I just stumbled on these old pics (7/2011) I took of me trying to get this to work and thought it would be amusing to post them and the “fix”.

Besides my fix being old…..who the hell uses a Blackberry anymore anyway??

Enjoy your iPhone 5.


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