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Lost Windows Account Password fix


It seems like every couple months, I see a new method of fixing the situation caused by a lost windows administrator password.  As I recall, there were fixes involving the security hive files, Linux startup CDs, hashes etc etc.. and now there’s a “Sticky Keys” fix using the Windows CD (or DVD) itself.

This one actually is much simpler than others I’ve used to wipe the password so I’ll pass it along to you guys, just bear in mind that if the hard drive is encrypted or has additional protections besides a windows password then you may be looking at a much more difficult problem. Of course, people with encrypted discs and additional security measures rarely forget their passwords…

Anyway, here is the link to 4sysops website.  If it’s too complicated for you let me know and I’ll rewrite it in layman’s terms: http://4sysops.com/archives/forgot-the-administrator-password-the-sticky-keys-trick/


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