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Cannot schedule scan on ParetoLogic Privacy Controls


You create a new scan schedule in Privacy Controls, but it does not save.  When you open up the software again it does not show up.

This is a straightforward issue: ParetoLogic Privacy Controls utilizes the Microsoft Task Scheduler to run the software at the time you select.  However, some unknown issue is preventing the schedule from being marked active.

  1. Goto Start–>All Programs–>Accessories–>System Tools–>Scheduled Tasks      OR   Start–>Control Panel–>Scheduled Tasks
  2. Delete all the tasks for ParetoLogic which have a registry id attached to the end..that is {bunch of numbers}
  3. Open up Privacy Controls and click on Schedule.
  4. Click off of schedule to another tab and then close the software
  5. You’ll see a task show up in the Scheduled Tasks window. Open up that task and select when you want it to start.
  6. Change the Run as value so that it references a user on the domain and not the local computer…
  7. Also uncheck the “Enabled” box
  8. Open up Privacy Controls and check that the entry is present under Schedule.
  9. If it is then close Privacy Controls. 
  10. Open the task under Scheduled Tasks and Enable the job.
  11. Check that it is still present under Schedule in Privacy Controls
  12. NOTE: The fix isn’t consistent on every computer.  On some computers I logged in as domain admin and setup a task as described above, which showed up in the Schedule in Privacy Controls, but did not show up when logged in as a specific user.  I then set the Administrator job as one that could run when not logged in (had to enter the password for admin account), which resulted in that job showing up.  I modified the user job to run at the time I wanted.  Then I created a second job under Schedule, which attached to the Admin job.  I deleted the Admin job and the user job was the only one left and it showed as saved in Schedule.

So…you may have to play with the settings to get it to work.  It’s annoying but fixable.


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