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Post photos to your facebook through email


I’ve had alot of people asking me about this feature.  They are mostly Blackberry users who don’t want to mess with the laggy FB App and don’t need any advanced tagging of their shared photos. 

From Facebook’s help page on the subject:

Find your post-by-email address:

  1. From your mobile browser, log in on m.facebook.com
  2. Click Photo under the space to type a status update
  3. Underneath “Upload via Email” you’ll see a unique email address
  4. Save to a new contact in your address book for quick reference.
  5. DO NOT SHARE with anyone else, or who knows what they’ll post to your account hahahaa
  6. To add a caption to your photo or video, include a subject in the email. If you don’t include any photos or videos, the email subject will be your updated status.
  7. Photos and videos uploaded via email are public by default, but you can always change the privacy setting of any photo album




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