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How To add a phone number to the Time Warner block list


It’s easy, it’s just buried under a couple prompts and can be a little tricky to make the number stay blocked.

  1. Open up the Time Warner myservices site (in my case this is https://myservices.timewarnercable.com/)
  2. Login
  3. Click the My Home Phone tab
  4. In the “Voicezone” section click the Go To VoiceZone button
  5. Select the phone line you want the changes to apply to
  6. Click on Selective Call Blocking
  7. Select “Block calls from these numbers” and type the number into the space provided, using no dashes or spaces
  8. Click the Contact Name icon to the right and give it a name, then Save.  This will help remind you why you are blocking the phone number so you can recognize it in your list if you need to in the future (e.g. you decide to unblock a number)
  9. When the Contact Name box disappears, click the Add to List icon to the right (the PLUS sign).  You will see the number appear at the bottom of your list.
  10. Click the Save button.  You should see a status image appear that says “Please wait, your information is being processed.”  Make sure that it actually saves it. I have seen system issues prevent it from saving, so make sure that it is still in your list after saving.  If you need to, you can re-add and re-save again and it should work.

Another added measure of security is to block calls from Anonymous callers.  To do that, click on the Call Privacy button tab on the left side of your screen, or from Step 5.  It will allow you to check a box to “Reject anonymous calls“.  Be advised, you could still get calls from numbers which are Out of the Area or otherwise masked…there’s nothing you can do about those.


If you’re going to list your phone number on the Internet for business purposes like I did, then be prepared to get random phone calls from businesses who choose not to follow the National Do Not Call list.  Here is my list of phone numbers I had to block:

(207) 571-8672

 Local Web
(866) 233-9291


 NCO Financial
(360) 633-9051

 spanish marketing
(360) 474-3914

(949) 988-3365

 Wisdom Financial
(800) 494-5705

(888) 879-3025

 800 Service spanish
(207) 571-8865

 free website
(424) 207-2000

(978) 570-2241

(817) 864-2370

 credit services
(231) 224-2031

 Research Center
(213) 221-8402

(360) 474-3278

 Service Call
(855) 800-3144

 800 Service
(866) 218-3884

 800 Service
(646) 561-8002

 google website
(503) 457-1062

(866) 822-9892

(510) 229-4044

(222) 888-3436

(818) 582-9262

(503) 902-8112

 US CC Group



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