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Toshiba Failed to get session notifications error


Toshiba laptop started showing this error on the screen on startup.

It seems to be related to the programs pinger.exe and ToshibaRC.exe which are Toshiba programs used to deliver updates for your system.  Personally, I don’t think it’s crucial that you have these running as long as you are getting the Windows updates and using some form of AV/Firewall.  If you encounter a system-specific error, you can search Toshiba’s help for the correct fix at that time…

Anyway, to disable those programs:

  1. goto START–>RUN and enter “msconfig” and OK.
  2. goto the Startup tab and look for “pinger.exe” and/or “ToshibaRC.exe” and uncheck the box to the left of the program.
  3. Apply the change and reboot.
  4. Is it gone?


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