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Xerox M20i copier prompting for My Login Name cannot login


My firmware was out of date on this Xerox M20i copier, so I updated it from 2.9 to version 3.09_R11.

After that, when I tried to access a couple areas of the copier, including the Maintenance via the web app, it kept prompting me for¬†“My Login Name” and wouldn’t let me in!

When I entered a random name it would tell me that it is incorrect. When I entered “admin” it prompted for the password and 1111 (the default) did not work.

If the above happens to you:
From the LUI – Start at the Copy feature screen.
Choose the Menu/Exit button and immediately type in #1934 from the right-side Keypad.
A Login screen should appear.
If it does not appear then go back to step 1 and try again, hitting the #1934 quickly.
Type in #1934.
Type in the Password of #1934.
This will return you to the Copy Feature screen and you will see a “T” over the copy count.
Use Machine Status button to access areas needed as any normal CE Mode entry.
Special Thanks to Richard of the Smarka copier tech community
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