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[SOLVED] HP Laserjet 1160 printing slow long time between pages


I’ve never tossed a printer out the window before but I sure came close this time! 

I had just setup a new workstation for this user and I had no sooner left the room than I was called back to see why the printer was printing slowly…taking as much as 30 seconds between pages! 

Well, the obvious problem is the print driver or the USB interface (I knew it was not the cable or the printer itself because everything was printing just fine with the old workstation). 

The fix is pretty simple

Use the Driver Deleter Tool by Kyocera to get rid of the offending drivers and then reinstall them. The Kyocera tool is really easy to use. Just run the executable and then click on the nodes you want to delete (for me that was anything with a reference to HP or 1160)  Then reboot and download and install the latest HP driver (for the Laserjet 1160 the driver I used was the HP LaserJet 1160 Plug and Play Print Driver Solution.


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