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pci.sys file is missing or corrupt Windows XP


This was a fun one.  I was rooting around in my collection of “dead” old computers and found one with corrupt startup files from 2008.  At the time I had plenty of machines and not alot of time so I just swapped it and told myself I would fix it at a later time.  Well that time did not come very quickly.

At first glance, you’d think all you have to do is replace the startup files and make sure the drive has been scanned and any errors corrected (barring serious physical damage to the drive of course) and then just throw it back into service.  Unfortunately, that is not the case because this error, in conjunction with an Error Code 4 or Error Code 7 when trying to use Recovery Console, means that your system has an incompatible component installed. 

In the majority of cases and in my case as well, it was the RAM which had gone bad.  I just tossed the two chips and replaced with a known single good chip.  Fired right up.


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