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SVGA cable pinout?


A couple years ago I was asked to install a projector in the ceiling of a large room and also run cabling to a wall plate located about 50ft away.

This might sound easy to some people, but it’s not something I had any experience with previously.  So after a grueling setup (the mounting hardware guide isn’t written for mere mortals to understand!) I got to the part where I run the VGA cable from the projector and attach it to the wall plate.  Uh oh. the cable is too thick to run through the wall. No problem! I cut it off and tell myself I’ll rewire it at the plate.  This proved harder than I thought, but I finally got it to work after dissecting the connector and using a couple websites to figure the pinout.

Today I found my notes on that pinout so I wanted to post them, mostly just to save it for the future because I’m a digital packrat (in case I do my own VGA cabling again)  and also because it may help someone who, like me, lopped the end of the cable off and must now rewire it again!

Hope they make sense. 4 years later I can’t make any guarantees as to their accuracy, so use at your own risk!


1red big
2green big
3blue big

6red’s sleeve
7green’s sleeve
8blue’s sleeve
10black ground brown?

15black skinny


Yellow into #4
#11 empty
#9 empty


Here are a couple photos I took at the time:


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