Home Devices Is there a way to print out text messages from your iphone?

Is there a way to print out text messages from your iphone?


How to create a transcript from text messages:

  1. Goto your SMS messages and hit EDIT.
  2. Select whatever messages you need.
  3. Forward them to your email or copy/paste into an AirPrint enabled app on the device.
  4. Compile and print…
  5. Supposedly there are apps like PhoneView which may be able to copy or print entire SMS threads from your phone.  Pretty sure they cost $$ though…

ps. If all you want is a screenshot then hold down the Home Screen button and very quickly (before Siri answers) press the Lock (Power) Button and it will take a snapshot photo of your current screen.


  1. hi there
    i had the same issue and found a relatively inexpensive app going for around $5 dollars, the app is printcentral and it will let you copy and paste the SMS message and print etc if needed. best of luck 😀

  2. The answer depends on what one needs or wants to do with the text messages. If you just want to print them for your own safekeeping, e-mail may work. But if you need to have some verification or formatting included, or if the messages need to be submitted to law enforcement or used in a court case, then a transcription service may be a better option. My company provides the service of collecting and producing cell phone text messages in universal transcript format for civil or criminal litigation issues. If that’s something you need, please visithttp://www.richmondcomputer.com/smartphone-forensics.html.


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