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Dual Monitor issue


Compaq 6000 computer keeps changing the resolution of one of the monitors in a dual monitor setup from 1920×1080 to 800×600 without me doing anything.

A very extreme fix:

Edit the Registry (take a backup before you start) to set the monitor to default to the resolution you want.

  1. Start–>Run
  2. Type “regedit” and Enter
  3. Hit CTRL+F on your keyboard and type in “DefaultSettings.XResolution” and hit Find
  4. Change that value to the desired X.  In my case it was 780 (1920 resolution)
  5. Then change the “DefaultSettings.YResolution” to your desired Y. In my case it was 438 (1080 resolution)
  6. Hint: You can change the key to decimal, type in the value you want, then change to Hex and then save.
  7. Restart




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