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Why did I get a text message from 6967 about getmymr.com?


Is this text genuine or is it a scam or spam?

It’s legit.

What is getmymr.com?

It is the mobile install website for the Mobile Recovery feature run by Verizon Wireless’ partner Asurion.  They are the company who provide your Total Equipment Coverage(TEC) cell phone insurance plan.
Usually you will see this message if you add insurance coverage to a line on your account.  As far as I know there is no charge for using Mobile Recovery as long as you have TEC on your account/line.

Okay, so what is Mobile Recovery?

Mobile Recovery is a feature of Total Equipment Coverage.  After you setup an account, you access it on their website with your phone number and a PIN.  Here are the things that Mobile Recovery can help with:

  1. Your phone found
    Misplaced your phone? No problem. Use Mobile Recovery’s Phone Alarm feature to sound a loud tone from your phone until you are able to locate it. If your phone is outside the audible range, Mobile Recovery can locate your phone on a map and give you turn-by-turn directions to its location
  2. Your privacy secure
    If your phone is ever lost, use Mobile Recovery to remotely erase the contacts from your device and lock your phone (must have a password setup on the phone) from use to keep your private information from falling into the wrong hands.

I want the messages to STOP!

Easy enough. Text “STOP” to 6967 from the phone that received the message.


To read the user manual, use this link or just goto the Mobile Recovery Website to read more about Total Equipment Coverage and see a list of the devices supported.



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