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Solved: Cannot Get Mail imap.gmail.com not responding


The mail server “imap.gmail.com” is not responding.  Verify that you have entered the correct info in Mail settings.

There are a couple workarounds / Fixes for this error, but the one that worked for me on my friend’s white iPhone 4s was to simply visit this website: https://www.google.com/accounts/DisplayUnlockCaptcha and remove the CAPTCHA from the gmail account.

For more fixes, please visit: http://www.mydigitallife.info/cannot-get-mail-gmail-imap-not-responding-error-on-iphone-ipad-or-mac/


  1. Ipad 2, mail icon shows Imap @gmail.com not responding.”……however, can get mail using gmail icon….why?

  2. Can not get mail or send did follow instructions and change password yet still having problem with it

  3. Sorry to hear that. This fix addresses only one of a couple issues that could prevent you from getting gmail via imap. First make sure you can get into your mailbox over webmail. Then make sure your gmail settings are correct. Check out Patrick’s page below for some ideas to try which should get you up and running again in no time!

  4. That’s actually a broad question. I assume you are having the issue which this post pertains to.. have you tried all of the suggestions listed?
    If you’re having problems with setting up email in general, you may find it is quicker to take your phone into the Cell company store to have them troubleshoot for you. I have had success with this strategy in the past.

  5. 1- check from another device ( your laptop ot your computer) that your gmail is
    working correctly with no problem
    2- open your Iphone , go to settings , then click on : Mail,Contacts,calendars
    3- click on your gmail account , then click on delete to delete this email account
    from your Iphone
    4- swich off your Iphone , then swich it on
    5- go to settings , then to 🙁 Mail , Contacts , Calendars) , then click on :
    add account .
    6- choose google account
    7- simply enter your email and your password .
    thats it and your email will work again and retreive all the previous emails according to your choice in the feield of ( Mail days to Sync ) .


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