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access database godaddy 500 error


A while back I moved a database from one GD hosting account to another just copy/paste and I couldn’t figure out why my code stopped working and was giving me a 500 error!

It was a junior mistake it turns out. Because I copy/pasted the access_db folder with the database inside, it inheirited the permissions from the default hosting account folder, which was no access.  If this happens to you or you are setting up Access support for the first time through the GD Hosting Control Panel then here’s what to do:

Delete the access_db folder.  Login to the Hosting Control Panel and click on the tab for Databases.  Click into Access and select to disable access support.  Wait until the pending changes status changes to ready and then reenable Access support.  Wait for that to be ready and then click on File Manager under the Tools section.  Click on the access_db folder on the root and click the Privacy link. Uncheck Inherit and then check both Web visible and Web writable.
Check your database access again and you shouldn’t get the 500 error anymore if everything else is setup correctly.


This post also has some more information pertaining to Access and Go Daddy.


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