Home Blackberry net_rim_bb_facebook_lib(120) is not responding

net_rim_bb_facebook_lib(120) is not responding


uncaught exception application net_rim_bb_facebook_lib(120) is not responding; process terminated

I get this error when I execute “mark prior opened” on my blackberry messages.  I think it’s trying to mark all the Facebook messages opened but doesn’t have the method right.  Probably some code fb didn’t include with their bb app. Not a big deal though because when I hit OK it goes away.

Device: Blackberry Tour
Facebook App version 2


  1. uncaught exception application net_rim_bb_facebook_lib (120) is not responding; process terminated
    como se puede solucionar este error porfavor es que ya prove casi todo

  2. This is an error that was never resolved because my phone broke and I got a new one and that one didn’t have that issue.
    I would suggest trying to uninstall Facebook and do “Mark Prior Opened” and then reinstall Facebook.
    There may also be a new version of FB for BB that you can update to which doesn’t have this error.
    Or…you can Wipe and reinitialize your BB…
    Or…just hit OK when it comes up and maybe it will go away like it did for me.


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