Home Devices Lexar LRW024URBNA informal speed test

Lexar LRW024URBNA informal speed test


Old Reader: Sony MRW62E Multi-Card Reader/Writer
New Reader: Lexar LRW024URBNA 24-in-one


Not all card readers are created equal…duh.

I just upgraded the card reader on someone’s machine from an old 2007 Sony to a new 2011 Lexar and boy was the speed difference noticeable!  Please note, this speed test wasn’t meant to be a scientific measurement and your own testing may vary, but on a new iMAC we ran the two readers side-by-side at the same time and here is how they did:

The Lexar transferred 284 full-size Jpeg files from a Canon 7d, 1.9 GB worth, in 1min 2sec flat.  That was an improvement of almost 3x over the Sony.  Dang.


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